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Our website is one of the biggest online stores that deal with realistic silicone baby dolls. The staff has put up a lot of hard work, time, and love while building this website. As a result, we offer our customers some of the best silicone dolls they have ever laid their eyes on. We work together with some of the best companies and artists in the world.

These dolls look exactly like real babies. They are made 100% by hand and finished with a detailed work on the eyes, eyelashes, and hair. Most of our dolls are purchased by mothers who have lost their children to unexpected incidents and medical students that use these products to practice before they get their hands on the real thing.

What is the purpose of a silicone reborn baby doll?

Silicone reborn dolls have gained a lot of popularity in countries like Britain and the US. All thanks to their real-life looks, these dolls attract a lot of doll-enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world. But the obvious market for these dolls is grieving women.

These dolls act like a replacement child for couples who have lost their child/children due to unfortunate incidents, like miscarriage or accidents at a young age. While silicone babies might not be real babies, these dolls give these parents a sense of parenthood. They strive to take care of their silicone doll baby as they would have done of their own child.

Silicone baby dolls are also used for many other purposes like treatment. Right from treating depression to therapeutic purposes, these dolls can be used to treat a person suffering from any mental diseases. Additionally, medical students who are specializing in childbirth make use of these dolls to learn how to hold or cradle babies properly.

Detailing of the silicone baby dolls

A silicone baby doll is made to feel like a real baby. Often, these dolls look and weigh exactly like a normal baby. Many people get really confused if you do not let them know. In fact, there are many such cases where the police force is breaking car glasses open to rescue these ‘children’ trapped in their cars.

A substantial amount of hard work is put into detailing each and every silicone doll that is sold. The eye for detail is nothing less than amazing. Realistic silicone dolls are fitted with features a real toddler has, like natural folds, chubby cheeks, rooted hair, etc. You can also purchase clothes for these dolls at selected stores. All you need to remember is the size of your silicone baby doll.

How to choose a silicone baby?

Different silicone dolls come with different looks and features. You must be clear in your mind about your preferences. The first aspect you will need to check is the quality of the silicone, which is being used.

Different types of silicones have different features. For example, a platinum-silicone will have softness and squishiness, thereby making the doll cuddly by nature. In the case of such dolls, the belly will be soft as well.

The skin texture is the next preference you need to remember. As such, a realistic doll should look realistic. The skin texture should have realistic features, like wrinkles and folds, that a real toddler has. You also need to confide with the seller if washing the doll will not ruin the skin texture of the silicone doll. Even if you are purchasing such a silicone doll, the washing instructions should be included in the packaging as well.

Most dolls in the market come with attached features like saying something when you press its belly or the breathing movement. These features greatly enhance the realism of the silicone doll and make it feel more realistic in nature. But, you should remember that these features do not come cheap.

Lastly, you need to fix your budget. When it comes to the pricing, most realistic dolls are very affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. But as said above, if you are looking for additional features, your doll might be a little expensive. Hence, you need to prioritize the features and the amount of money that you will be spending on the realistic doll.

Where can you buy Silicone baby dolls?

Most realistic dolls can be purchased either online, at your local store, or at popular conventions like fairs. You can also purchase a DIY crafting kit and create a silicone doll of your own making. If you decide to purchase a silicone doll online, you can read all the reviews of real customers before making the final payment. This is very helpful since most physical stores will not tell you about the defects of the toy.

How to take care of a silicone reborn baby doll?

No matter what its features are, taking care of your realistic baby doll is very important. You need to keep them clean to maintain its realistic features. First, rub a makeup brush all over the doll and dip it in lukewarm water and detergent solution. After this, apply the makeup brush all over the doll again. This step should be done as silicone attracts a lot of dust and hair. Hence, it will clean the dirt off the doll.

Bathing the doll is not a very difficult task. You can either sponge-bath or make use of a soft brush to give your silicone doll a nice scrub. Make sure you are not applying a lot of force as it may damage realistic features of the doll like the wrinkles, etc. But if your doll is fitted with electrical features, make sure you do not submerge it in water. Instead, talk to the store owner first and ask how to clean the doll efficiently and without the use of water.

Brush off the hair and loose dirt with a piece of soft cloth. You need to pay special attention to areas such as the neck, underneath the arms, etc. If you don’t, the dust can stay hidden in these areas and can damage the silicone doll. Make use of a cotton swab to clean areas like the ears and the eyes.

How to store a silicone baby?

Silicone dolls are made for an indoor environment. Hence, if you store it anywhere else, it might get damaged. When you store your doll, the ultimate goal should be to store it for as long as possible. Some ways you can safely hide your doll away from damage are by avoiding the following:

  • Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is harmful to your silicone doll. Prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight might end up damaging the paint of the doll, leaving you with a non-realistic product. Hence, you need to keep your silicone doll away from sunlight. While a small amount of sunlight is harmless, do not leave your doll exposed to it for a long time.

  • Air vent

Air vents can damage your doll on a significant level. The damage can be either minor or major. The reason is that air vents carry a lot of dust, humidity, and moisture with it. These factors contribute significantly to the growth of microbes like bacteria. Hence, you need to keep it away from air vents as well.

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