Reborn Toddlers


Reborn toddlers – If you visit our website, you will find a wide variety of reborn toddlers that look exactly like a real infant; you will not be able to find much difference between the two. Our reborn toddlers are designed by our panel of talented artists that work on painting the tiniest details like the veins and rooted hair. We also offer a wide variety of ethnicities, ranging from Asian to American. We have so many different features in all our reborn toddlers that every customer can find the perfect one for their needs.

Use of reborn toddlers

Reborn toddlers have become very popular in some countries like the United States and Britain, thanks to their realistic looks. But, as well as collectors and doll-enthusiasts, grieving women are also some of the top buyers of these lifelike dolls that look similar to infants they lost due to medical complications.

These reborn toddlers could be a replacement for couples whose children have died soon after birth. Reborn baby dolls can also be an imitation of children who are not children or babies anymore. These dolls can act as a reimbursement for women who have reached their menopause age and cannot give birth to a new child. Reborn toddlers can also be a way for young couples to know if they are ready for a child or not.


Since reborn toddlers are made to feel exactly like a real baby, the detailing on these dolls is nothing less than superb. All the features of the body are painted extremely accurately using specific tools. The doll is also fitted with wrinkles, dimples, and folds, just like an actual baby. Some parts are filled with cotton and weighted pellets, like the tummy and legs, to allow for some movement.

How to choose a reborn toddler?

You need to keep these tips into consideration when choosing your reborn toddler:

  1. Size

You need to research what size will fit you best. Would you want a small-sized baby to cuddle with or go for a chubbier one for pulling its cheeks? Size matters since it can affect your bonding with the doll.

  1. Eyes

The next thing you need to think is about its eyes. Some dolls have their eyes closed while others have their eyes wide open. For many people, dolls with open eyes can be scary. But, you should know that a doll’s eyes are either open or closed, not both.

  1. Hair

Lastly, the hair of the doll also plays an important role when it comes to choosing a reborn toddler. You can either go for a low maintenance bald head, rooted wigs, or hair. The only difference is that rooted hair might need a little care, like washing and combing.

How to take care of a reborn toddler?

First of all, you need to be gentle with your reborn toddler, like you would in the case of a real infant. You should never force your doll’s limbs into clothing or hang it by its head or hands/legs. Doing these can physically damage the doll or might even break it up.

You have to be careful when you are dealing with sensitive and fragile parts of the doll’s body like the hair and eyelashes. You can clean the doll with lukewarm water; remember to keep it away from harsh chemicals. Dress your doll in fresh smelling clothes to maintain the supple nature of its skin. Keep the doll away from extreme temperatures and dust.

Our website has sold more reborn toddlers than most other online websites in a year. Our shipping service is also faster. All our realistic babies are certified to meet the set requirements and standards. Visit our website now and get yourself a baby companion for life!


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