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Reborn Baby Dolls For Sale – Looking for a reborn doll?  Don’t worry, as this site has a large collection of reborn dolls you can choose from. Reborn dolls are the dolls that are artistically altered to give a more realistic appearance to the doll. Cloth dolls, vinyl-bodied dolls, and fashion dolls are the dolls that can be reborned. At our website, you will find a wide array of reborn baby dolls.

A lot of people wonder what a reborn baby doll is. Reborn doll collectors and artists define a “reborned” doll as a doll that is made after going through several stages. Many people are buying these dolls, whether just one or several.

By definition, reborn dolls are dolls that look like real babies. Reborn dolls are called so because they have intricate detailing just like a real infant. A reborn doll has almost the exact resemblance of a newborn human baby.

However, they are not only limited to this; they are much more than this. You may find several realistic-looking and beautiful dolls out there that come with detailing and structurally right body parts, but they are not really reborn dolls.

What makes reborn baby dolls for sale different from regular dolls is that these types of dolls have been artistically modified in order to make them look more real. However, there are also reborn dolls that are purposely made to look less real, such as zombie, gothic or vampire, animal like puppies or baby chimps, alien, and fairy reborn dolls.

Technically, any type of doll can be reborned or go through the process of reborning. These include vintage dolls made of vinyl, cloth dolls, fashion dolls like Barbies, Bratz, or Monster High.

Reborn doll artists go through immense hard work and long hours to make the dolls look real. This detail is actually demanded by many reborn doll collectors who seek dolls that look like a real baby. Artists work on factory-shelf dolls, blank doll kits, and make the plastic look fantastically real.

Reborn baby dolls are multipurpose and special products that are famous among collectors, women, and children. Women buy them mainly because they have lost a child in the past.

You can find a wide assortment of reborn baby dolls for sale on our website.  These include different types of reborn baby dolls, such as baby, toddler, preemie, twins, monkey, etc. Plus, you can also find reborn babies made out of different materials, including vinyl, silicone, and cloth.

Reborn dolls come with different features as well, such as realistic or lifelike, handmade, anatomically correct, interactive, personalized, OOAK (one of a kind), BJD (ball jointed doll), antique, with original packaging, etc.

So, let’s dive deeper into reborn baby dolls and what they are all about.

History of reborn baby dolls

Around the 1930s, reborn baby dolls were created. It was a hobby initially and a few artists produced the toys. A demand for more realist dolls started to generate so artists began making more fabulous dolls that resembled a reborn toddler or baby.

This transformed into a fresh art form for a short time period after that. Reborn babies started being sold for larger sums of money. The price range fell in the bracket of hundreds to thousands.  Plus, there were also times wherein reborn baby dolls for sale were offered, when the dolls were sold at a cheaper price than their regular prices.

Though the creation of lifelike dolls lasted for a time span, their expansion took place around the 1990s. During this time, reborn baby dolls became a famous online product that many enthusiasts started selling at that time. This was when customers could get reborn baby dolls at specific fairs too. The IRDA or International Reborn Doll Artists association regulates this market. It oversees that each member artist upholds specific ethnic standards.

Reborn baby dolls were previously given support by collectors. But today, the dolls are loved by people all around the globe. Mainstream media has given it a lot of coverage and the entire phenomenon has become renowned. There are conventions and magazines today that particularly focus on reborn baby doll products.

How are reborn baby dolls for sale created?

Reborn baby dolls are custom made in nature and every one of them has a particular body type, head, size, hair, type, eyes, size, and various other parts. You can get these newborn silicone babies and dolls for both genders, that is, males and females.

Additionally, the skin tones of babies are also varying in nature. The reborn girl dolls and reborn boy dolls can be distinguished by their clothes. Genitalia are also sculpted by the artist to see the difference between the genders. Artists accept customization requirements and can make dolls by just seeing a photograph. A woman who has lost her child can make use of such a requirement.

The main plastic material used to construct a reborn baby doll is vinyl. The newer option is silicone, but it’s rarely used and is relatively expensive. Vinyl doll kits are particularly created for reborning, such as the ones found at Bountiful Baby. These dolls are often made of a soft vinyl product that can squish whenever you press any of the doll’s body part.

Plus, these dolls have a velvety and silky feel as opposed to the classic plastic toy dolls. The price of reborn dolls is determined by different things, such as the doll’s shape, material used, and size. Some dolls are easier to change and paint.

The reborn baby doll’s baby kit or supplies are crucial for the process of creating the doll. If an artist wants to create a more realistic doll, the set should have the same shape as a real baby and should be manufactured using high-quality materials. 

What is newborning?

Terms reborning and newborning refer to the modification process of a reborn baby doll for sale. If a reborn baby doll is created resembling a real child by the doll manufacturer, any modification by the artist won’t take place. Because of this trend, the creation of kits by the doll manufacturers started to take place so that they could be used easily at a later stage and changed accordingly. This led to a whole new range of products, tools, and supplies. To help newborn artists, doll manufacturers have provided many instruction videos.

Eyelashes, limbs, faces, weighted pallets, glue, fake tears, foam edges, etc. are present in a basic reborn baby doll kit. One can buy a whole kit to access all of these options or just separate items as per their requirements and preferences.

These items are optional though since sometimes artists root the doll hair by hand. Artists use various things, such as human hair, wigs, mohair, etc. while producing such dolls. The eyes of such dolls have a specific size and color, which makes them special as compared to other types of dolls available on the market.

What are the steps involved in newborning?

 The steps involved in newborning of a doll are mentioned below:     

  • Factory paint removal and taking apart a doll
  • Addition of blue color wash for getting a more real skin
  • Artists may have to open the mouth a little or do an eye replacement
  • Painting the doll’s outer layer
  • The parts of the doll will be set by heat with the help of a heat gun or the dolls can be put in the oven
  • Blue color wash is used precisely to make sure that the doll has veins to give it a more realistic appeal
  • To give a better overall life appearance, additional effects are used on the reborn baby doll
  • The next thing is the addition of nostrils and nails
  • By the process of rooting or wigging, the artist adds hair to the doll
  • The soft stuffed body of the doll is made by adding fine glass beads, pellets, or fiberfill to the original doll made of vinyl
  • The weight of the doll is made according to the baby’s age in order to achieve optimal results
  • The weight of the doll’s head is also determined accordingly so that a person gets a natural feeling while he or she places the reborn baby doll in their hand
  • To support the pacifier, a magnet can also be added to the reborn baby
  • To mimic heartbeat and breathing, an addition of an electric device can also be made
  • Parts, such as heat pack, sound pack (to create baby sounds), baby fat, umbilical cord, etc., can also be added by artists if the customer wishes for such a thing

So, these are the steps involved in newborning. The creation of a full reborn baby doll for sale can take some time, which is determined by the customizations, additions, and realism desired by the customer. Plus, the time taken to create a reborn baby doll also relies on whether the doll is “born” with a full silicone body or with silicone legs and arms and a cloth body.

Collecting, organizations, and conferences

Reborn baby dolls are dealt with the main association called the IRDA or International Reborn Doll Artists as discussed above. On January 21, 2005, this organization was established when the first conference of such a kind took place.

Apart from the regulatory role that it plays, the organization is also in charge of advanced courses and education. So, in the case of similar organizations, the members get all the current news that talks about the new materials, techniques, and other things related to reborn baby dolls. It is also an opportunity that is given to establish a connection with different doll artists.

A newborn artist can become a part of the organization at any time. In addition to this, the organization does not have any limitations with respect to the skill or experience of the artist. But, it is important to note that IRDA has a strict ethical code as far as doll descriptions and marketing is concerned.

The most common clientele of this organization are hobbyists among different people that buy these reborn dolls. You can buy reborn dolls at an online store like this website, where reborn baby dolls for sale are offered at inexpensive prices. Some stores also provide full reborn doll kits.

Before buying a reborn baby doll, a potential customer should take into consideration the following things:

  • If the doll’s skin tone is too dark in color, it means that a lot of dye or colored sand was used for weighing purposes.
  • A doll can deteriorate when specific materials do not react with vinyl on coming in contact with it. So, the buyer needs to check out the material that was made use of while weighing.
  • Some issues can arise while painting a doll if it has a shining texture, which indicates acetone washing.
  • All the parts that are used must be checked by the person. In addition to this, he or she must check if the ones that were in the original form were changed at any time. If a changing of material has taken place, it may affect the doll’s proportions. Also, all reborn baby parts must contain the same material.
  • Check out for a tiny mark left by the artist, which indicates the authenticity of the doll.
  • The alignment, fitting, size, and eyes of the reborn baby must be checked by the potential buyer.
  • If the doll has natural imperfections, which are similar to a real baby, then it means that the doll is of high quality as compared to other regular dolls.
  • Nostrils, nails, and hair also indicate the doll’s quality.

Doll conventions and conferences are being held for many years now. The very first one was held in the year 2005 in Orlando, Florida. Such conventions are held along with collectible fairs, which are crowded by hobbyists around the world. In terms of publications, the Doll Reader Magazine is well-known as a dominant magazine in the doll industry since it is being published for over 25 years now.

Reborn baby dolls for sale help facing a loss

Holding a reborn doll feels like you’re holding a real baby in your arms.  Reborn baby dolls for sale are purchased by women who:

  • Have had a neonatal loss
  • Have had a stillbirth
  • Have had a miscarriage
  • Can’t adopt
  • Want a baby in their home

As said above, reborn baby dolls are used as a replacement for a real baby. This is why buyers who crave for a real child buy such dolls. This means buyers would dress, wash the hair, take the doll for walks, etc. like they would do with a real toddler. Plus, customers would cuddle the dolls every day.

Scientists say that when you hug and hold a small child or infant, your body releases a “feel-good” hormone, called the oxytocin chemical, which in turn regulates happiness. Some experts even believe that cuddling and holding reborn dolls or any other type of realistic doll heals the body and mind. This was evidenced by a study done on Alzheimer’s patients.

One of the other reasons why reborn baby dolls are quite popular is because of role-playing. This trend is similar to the explosion of sims or other online games, wherein the player acts according to the character they’re playing by becoming the character itself.

In fact, a few reborn baby doll owners hug their dolls, change their clothes, dress them, and even take them out in baby carriers or carriages for an amble in the park or mall. And, some others appreciate the craft and art that goes in making a nice reborn doll. A few others even collect reborn dolls for their own fun and experiential value.

In addition to this, reborn babies help in creating an emotional attachment. This can pose to be quite dangerous as per experts, who condemn such behavior. However, such dolls have aided distressed women who have lost their baby after or during their pregnancy.

How to take care of reborn baby dolls

A reborn baby doll is quite different from a regular baby doll; it’s an artwork. An artist who creates a reborn doll spends numerous hours in producing a reborn baby doll by adding extra paint layers, providing the right finishing, and rooting hairs in order to make a perfect reborn doll. This is why the reborn doll must be handled with a lot of care.

First of all, you must know that reborn baby dolls are special, which is why they should be handled gently just like you are handling a real infant. Don’t be too rough on the doll as it can remove its hair or limbs and thus can permanently damage the reborn doll.

Since a lot of reborn dolls are bought as collectibles, they shouldn’t be cleaned just like any other regular toy. In order to get rid of residue, dirt, and germs from the doll, you need to use a slightly wet washcloth. Make sure you don’t scrub the reborn doll with this washcloth as this can spoil its coloring and paint.

Also, ensure that you don’t wet the cloth body of the reborn doll; rather you should use a damp cloth in order to remove the stains from the towel. For drying the doll, blot the doll using a towel and don’t wet the stuffing in order to avert mildew and mold problems.

In case, the reborn baby doll is very dirty, you can also send the doll back to the original artist who created it or you can find a reborn baby doll artist who can clean the doll. These artists can spotlessly clean the doll and can even replace their body and stuffing as required.

Reborn baby doll issues

Reborn baby dolls for same as different from regular dolls; we already know this by now. This is because customers don’t buy them as gifts. Rather, purchasing reborn baby dolls is similar to the process of adoption where they accompany a birth certificate as well. Such dolls are more often purchased by older women as a collectible or substitute for a baby.

Reborn baby dolls are famous among ladies who have lost their child and dearly want it back but cannot; they have trouble dealing with this reality. This is why such dolls receive negative criticism from the society en bloc.

Reborn baby dolls come with realistic features that get empathic reactions from women and thus improve their mental status after losing a child. Nevertheless, this too poses issues for some people, which is why reborn dolls are not seen in department stores, rather they are just sold online.

Buying reborn baby dolls for sale

You can easily as well as quickly buy reborn dolls from this website. You just have to visit the particular reborn baby doll section on our website that you want to buy and then browse the various realistic doll options we have.

You can also check out the prices of these dolls beside their type. You can then buy a reborn baby doll as per your wishes, which best suits your preference. Reborn baby dolls for sale are great gifts for your family or for you as well. You can sleep with reborn dolls every day and feel like you are sleeping with a real baby.

No matter what reason you want a reborn baby doll for, you can buy one from an online store, such as this website, where you can get reborn baby dolls for sale. Reborn baby dolls are getting quite popular these days.

Collectors treat this as a rewarding, fun, and fascinating hobby. Some collectors have 5, 10, or even more reborn baby dolls and other only have 1 special reborn doll. No matter what you choose or which reborn doll you buy, reborn dolls are appreciated around the world and the phenomenon is increasing quickly among enthusiasts. Reborn dolls can add a small amount of love in anyone’s day, even yours.


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