Reborn Baby Doll Kits


On our website, you will find some of the best reborn doll kits from hundreds of esteemed and talented artists across the globe. All out kits are brand new and are made of the highest quality of vinyl with some silicone as well. You can search for your preferences by going through our carefully curated list of categories we have created only for you.

Also known as starter kits, reborn baby dolls are the best way to start your reborning experience. These kits include everything you need to create your own realistic baby doll from the scratch. With the right tools and supplies, your baby doll will look so real that people will confuse it with an actual human baby.

Other details

The most basic reborn doll kits are equipped with the basic necessities like glue, cotton-tipped applicators, thinning shears, fake tears, cable ties, cloth bodies, air dry paints, weighing pellets, eyelashes, paint brushes, heads, faces, and limbs. Hair is an optional addition for you; you might choose a wig or fine mohair. You can also add additional features on the baby doll by purchasing them separately. For guidance on how to move forward, you can check out tutorial videos on the net.

How to choose a reborn doll kit?

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of reborn doll kits in the market today. While some only include the basic materials like with pallets and eyes, others include a bit more variety and choices than others. Take some time to ponder and decide on the kit and see what all it includes. It is also recommended that you choose a kit that comes with an instructional video DVD/CD. Knowing who the artist is that made the baby kit can help you make a good choice as well.

Where to buy reborn doll kits?

You can purchase your reborn doll kits via any online outlets like Amazon. You can also find sites that are dedicated to selling realistic baby dolls and doll kits like our webpage. Additionally, you can also find several physical shops that sell these kits.

For the best reborn doll kit, you can visit our website.

How to take care of reborn doll kits?

At the end of the day, you will have to take care of the reborn doll kits. You will have to think about your doll or kit more as a collectable and/or person than an everyday toy. They are meant to last for a long time and should be handled very carefully. Damage to even a limb of the doll can be difficult to fix and may require you to make expensive additional purchases.

You need to keep the supplies away from pets. Make sure you clean the parts before fixing them together. You need to follow the instructions before assembling the doll. Cleaning the parts of the dolls are comparatively easy; y ou just need to clean it with lukewarm water and wipe it with a dry cloth.

How to safely use reborn doll kits?

Our products have been deemed amazing by our satisfied customers across the globe. They have also stated about our great selection of dolls and reborning supplies. We are very responsive and the shipping and processing method is quick.

You can find some of the best reborn baby doll kits in your website, out of which most are not available in the market today. Right from the basic kit to the most advanced kit, we always have something or another for our valuable customers. Our website displays some of the best materials we have under our wing.


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