Realistic baby dolls


Are you looking for babies but are not ready financially and emotionally for one? Then, realistic baby dolls are right for you. You can browse through a wide section of dolls that not only look real to your eyes but everyone as well. Right from silicone baby boys and girls, we have a lot of variety in our stock. Feel free to browse through our many categories.

Some people buy realistic baby dolls because they cannot conceive; others buy them because they like the idea of having a baby around. This is where realistic baby dolls come in. Realistic baby dolls, or reborn dolls, are hyper-realistic dolls that look like real babies. They are made up of silicone and vinyl and date back to World War II. They are not only a delight for the eyes but are also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Reborn baby dolls are very important instruments of therapy. They are also used to treat different ailments.

Uses of Real life Baby Dolls

While there are ongoing researches as to why women own lifelike baby dolls, there also have been several psychological underpinnings. Often, people display negative reactions when they hear about these lifelike babies, which are typically thought of as creepy or weird. When something is unknown, it becomes far from the norm.

But, there have been cases when it is understandable for a person who is struggling with the feelings of loss – possibly a person who lost a baby or a childless woman – to fill in the void with a realistic baby doll. It is natural for people to find ways of preserving memories of those they have lost, like visiting their graveyards or making photo albums. Every person has got his/her own way of getting over and moving on.

But, how can an inanimate doll replace a living being? This is a disturbing thought that people who watch horror movies can relate to. However, in reality, people who face this situation use denial to cope up with the loss. Owners of such dolls think it is a natural baby and pretend them to be real babies to themselves and the rest of the world.

Realistic babies are also useful for different therapy procedures. Doctors and nurses who are training to work in the delivery ward often use realistic babies during their training period to try their hands on baby care.


Realistic baby dolls are made exactly to give you a feel of a real baby. They are often sized and weighted like a real baby. In fact, these babies look so real-like that there have been reports that the police have actually tried rescuing them from being left inside the cars. Vinyl is used as the standard material of these realistic baby dolls.

The face and body of reborn dolls are painted very carefully by hand to reflect as many features of a newborn baby, like folds, dimples, and wrinkles. Some parts of their body are also made partially of cotton and stuffed with weighted pellets, like the upper portions of the limbs and stomach area.

How to choose realistic baby dolls?

There are several different models of baby dolls on the market today. You would need genuine information to choose the best realistic baby. Although it may look like a simple procedure, it can sometimes be tricky. You want to lay your hands only on the best.

You can start by considering the size of the realistic baby dolls. They come in different sizes. Some can be as small as 11 inches while others can be as large as 22 inches. You need to figure out the sizes of the dolls before making your purchase.

Also, making sure the doll is waterproof is another consideration to keep in mind. While some reborn baby dolls are washable, others come with instructions that the doll must not be washed with water and only cleaned with a dry cloth.

Some other considerations you would want to keep in mind are the reborn doll’s ability to sit or stand, its interactions, the price of the doll, and its online reviews.

Where to buy realistic baby dolls?

You can buy realistic baby dolls mostly through online shopping. You will rarely find a realistic doll in a physical market as people get scared and deem it as horrifying. If you look carefully, you might find some physical shops as well. Or, you can log into our website to choose from a wide variety of realistic dolls, which are handcraft by some of the best artists today.

How to take care of realistic baby dolls?

If you plan to buy a realistic doll to get the feel of a parent, you will need to take care of it like a real baby. You will first need to provide the doll with clothing. You can either stitch some or buy clothes if you like. You can make diapers using an old towel; if you are about to use new ones, choose the smallest ones. 

You will need to feed your doll as well. Pretend like you are feeding a real child. Just be careful not to place real food inside the doll; it may cause the doll to go moldy and get damaged. You can also make a DIY milk bottle for the doll. Try not to leave the doll unattended.

How to store realistic baby dolls?

Reborn baby dolls need a lot of careful maintenance, storage, and handling in order to make them look lifelike for a long time. Silicone dolls are very different from the traditional ones and should be treated and stored with a lot of care.

Make sure the reborn baby doll is not exposed to long periods in the heat as it may cause the silicone to melt. These reborn dolls are also prone to cracking in extensive cold conditions. Try to be gentle with these reborn dolls as rough handling will only damage them.

For buying the best realistic doll, all you need to do is visit this website. All these realistic dolls are made from the best materials and are priced very reasonably. You also get to choose between several different choices according to your own preferences.


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