Porcelain Dolls


Porcelain dolls, also known as china dolls or bisque dolls are made generally of bisque porcelain and some other material, where the head is made out of bisque and the hair is painted. The clothes are put on later, which are made of cloth or leather. We offer a wide range of porcelain dolls in different sizes, shapes, colors, clothes, and features to customers.

Bisque is a type of porcelain with a non-shiny or matte finish that gives the porcelain doll a very real look, like human skin. The name of such dolls comes from China, which is famous for its porcelain. Earlier very difficult to procure because of their price, porcelain dolls now come with different price tags and in different quality.

Porcelain dolls are brittle and have to be kept out of the reach of children who might topple over the dolls or could hurt themselves with porcelain parts. Also, special care has to be taken to keep them clean and do not try to decorate them with artificial make-up as it won’t stick to the outer surface and might further even damage the doll.

Why are porcelain dolls in demand?

Because of their beauty and their rich history, there are doll collectors who pay high prices to own china dolls. They come in different varieties, like antique, Victorian, French, German, etc. and are of immense value. They can be found in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Big brands specialize in the making of porcelain dolls, which have different marks for different brands.

The price of porcelain dolls

Buying a porcelain doll is as easy as going to online websites and visiting their online auction events. The majority of porcelain dolls sales have the starting range of around $10, with antique and high- quality one reaching about $200. Manufacturers also follow fashion trends while designing porcelain dolls. On the other hand, porcelain dolls worth $200 or even $300 a piece, can be found today.


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