Newborn Baby Dolls


You can now dream big with our best-selling newborn baby dolls from our website. Our renowned artists have created little bundles of joy only for you. With realistic detailing of the little baby, seeing the innocent, sweet and delicate face will fill your eyes with love. Our batch of babies will snuggle with you and will hold on to your warm embrace till whenever you want. Our website is one of the most popular in town and everybody wants a doll for themselves.

There are a wide array of reasons why people buy newborn baby dolls that look realistic. It is not only because they are a highly detailed and beautiful piece of craftsmanship; many doctors and nurses specializing in maternal health start off by taking care of these dolls. This way, they develop a habit of caring before taking up the actual job of caring for babies.

On the other hand, newborn baby dolls also have a significant amount of impact on women who cannot deliver babies due to reasons like accidents or reach menopause. It touches them on an emotional scale knowing that they have an option of experiencing motherhood with the help of these dolls.

How to choose newborn baby dolls

Real babies are adorable, cuddly and soft – therefore, these baby dolls should be too. Therefore, you should go through the tips below to choose the perfect newborn baby doll for yourself:

  1. Size

Depending on the baby you want, you might choose a chunkier baby over a cuddly baby. In the end, the size does not matter, since everything depends on how well you bond with the baby. But, you might want to keep the clothing aspect in your mind as well.

  1. Eyes

The eyes of the baby depend all upon your own preference. You get baby dolls with open-eyed and wide eyes, while others have sleeping eyes. You need to keep this preference in mind since some people might find a doll with wide open eyes in the middle of the night very scary.

  1. Legs and arms

Similar to real-life babies, each baby doll has its own design of arms and legs. Again, in this case, it is all about preference, whether you want to go for plump arms and legs for squeezing or rather go for a thinner frame.

  1. Hair

Some baby doll hair types include wigged baby, rooted hair baby, painted hair baby or simply a no hair baby, which depends on your own choices.

How to take care of a newborn baby?

Just like a real baby, you need to take care of the doll as well. These dolls are made of synthetic materials. Therefore, it is necessary that you clean the dolls with either warm water or a dry cloth, depending on the materials used to make it. You can also apply some cosmetics and baby powder to keep the skin of the doll supple and moist. Also, you need to take utmost care while moving the parts of the baby like the head, arms and legs.

How to store newborn baby dolls?

You need a lot of maintenance, handling and storage to take care of newborn baby dolls since these can get damaged due to conditions like rough handling or weather. Extreme heat or cold can damage the skin of the baby doll. Therefore, if you plan to keep it stored for a long period of time, it would be wise to do in an air-tight container.

If you are looking for the best newborn baby dolls, you can visit us on our website. We take our customers very seriously. Rest assured, you will not only take home a doll; you will be taking an experience.


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