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Full Body Silicone Baby Dolls – Whether it is the warm and heart-melting tenderness of an infant or the wonder of welcoming the child to the world, there is nothing more exciting than meeting the baby. Our website consists of a myriad collection of dolls. These dolls are so lifelike that they will take the breath out of you. These real-life dolls are made by some of the most genius doll artists who are famous for their ability to sculpt the tiniest detail.

All the parts of the silicone baby’s body are made up of the best raw materials, which make them feel lifelike and extremely soft. Our bundle of happiness is sculpted by the best artists. The head is fitted with eyelashes applied by hand; so are the fingernails, lips, and eyes. Our artists have taken craftsmanship to the next level. Our selection of baby dolls will surely capture your heart, right from the moment you hold them in your arms.

Also known as reborn babies, full body silicone baby dolls are artificial dolls that are made to be as similar as possible to a real-life baby. These dolls look so real that it is hard to determine whether they are real or fake unless they are touched.

But, what motivates people to buy such dolls? These reborn dolls are bought mostly by couples who have lost their child soon after birth. They are meant to imitate the children they could not have. These dolls also provide an alternative to women who are infertile and cannot have children. Full body silicone baby dolls make them feel like mothers. For some people, it is also a hobby.

Uses of the full body silicone baby dolls

Today, full body silicone baby dolls are used for a wide range of purposes. Starting with therapeutic purposes, these dolls are used to improve the conditions of autistic children and Alzheimer’s patients. These dolls help Alzheimer’s patients get out of their isolation, improve their receptivity, and relive moments of their childhood.

Silicone baby dolls are also used to treat depression, especially in women. Although, experts recommend using such dolls with supervised therapy and at the hands of a professional. In the case of new mothers, silicone baby dolls are very helpful when it comes to adapting to life with her new-born child. Such dolls are used in preparatory classes for young mothers.

For women, who cannot give birth to their children or those who lost them due to an accident or birth failure, silicone baby dolls offer them an overwhelming experience. All they have to do is go through a simulated adoption process so that they could ‘feel’ like the child was theirs. Although many media outlets deemed it creepy, silicone baby dolls gave these women a new perspective on life.

How to choose full body silicone baby dolls?

There are many variations that are provided in a silicone baby doll. All you need to do is select your preferences of the reborn doll. The first thing to do is selecting the silicon material quality. For example, the platinum-silicon features squishiness and softness, thereby making the doll feel real when you cuddle it in your arms. The belly of such a doll has a soft inner core.

The doll’s skin texture is the next thing you will have to consider. The texture should be such that it is detailed with a realistic appearance, like folds and wrinkles. You also need to see if the doll is washable or not. While some are, there are many doll models that come with strict instructions that it should be dry-cleaned only.

You can also check for life-like interactions. Some baby dolls are fitted with features like being able to breathe. Such features improve the realism of the doll and make it look more real-life. Although such features might surge the price of the doll up a notch.

When it comes to the pricing, most of these dolls are very affordable and will fit your set budget. But, as said above, some dolls are fitted with extra fun features. These dolls will cost a bit more than others. You need to map out your budget and find something that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Where to buy full body silicone baby dolls?

Reborn dolls are mostly found online and can be purchased at popular shopping websites this one, at conventions and fairs, and at the artist’s online stores. You can also purchase incomplete crafting kits to create your own silicone baby dolls from different online stores. The price range of such dolls depends on the experience of the artist, the materials used, and the quality of the doll.

How to take care of full body silicone baby dolls?

Regardless of its features, silicone baby dolls need some basic care to keep them realistic and clean. Rub a clean make-up brush in baby powder and apply it over the entire surface of the doll. You can also apply again whenever you dress the doll up, after a bath, or daily if deemed necessary. This is because silicone attracts a lot of hair and dust, and baby powder helps repel this dirt. Baby powder also feels more lifelike and keeps the doll and its skin baby-like and smelling fresh.

Using a soft piece of cloth, brush off hair and loose dirt. You need to pay special attention to the areas and crevices where dirt can stay hidden, like around the facial details, underneath arms, around the neck, etc. Make use of a cotton swab or something similar to clean small areas, like the eyes and ears.

You can bathe your doll to remove excessive dirt. You can sponge-bathe the doll using lukewarm water and a mild shampoo or soap. Try to stroke the dirt away from the skin using a soft-bristled brush, soft cloth, or sponge.

Pay close attention to hard-to-clean areas. Wash the hair of the doll with extremely gentle strokes. But, you need to remember that while some dolls can be washed with water, others cannot be and should be cleaned with a dry cloth instead.

While you can move the parts of the doll according to your wishes, you need to be gentle and make sure you don’t force it in a position that it breaks off. Handle it like a real baby and use natural poses and movements. Sudden harsh movements can tear the silicone or damage the joints.

How to store full body silicone baby dolls?

Since silicone dolls are made for a homely environment, they will definitely get damaged if stored anywhere else. When stored properly, silicone baby dolls can last a very long time. Sadly, many collectors make the most common mistakes of storing silicone reborn dolls in areas where they can easily get damaged. Storing silicone baby dolls can spell a recipe for disasters.

With some dolls costing a lot, even repairing the damage can be costly. Make sure you heed the following preventive measures when storing your silicone reborn doll:

  1. Direct sunlight

Most people do not realize how damaging direct sunlight is to silicone baby dolls. Months of prolonged exposure to the sun can damage its paint, thereby leading to a non-realistic and dull appearance of the doll. People do not even realize the ongoing damage as it occurs over a long period of time. 

To prevent damage, keep the reborn baby doll away from direct sunlight. A small exposure to sunlight will not damage your doll, but you need to remember to keep the doll away from long exposure. Keep the dolls shaded if you want them to last a long time.

  1. Air vent

Keeping your doll near air vents can damage your doll significantly. Sometimes, the damage can be minor and sometimes major. The problem is that air vents contain a lot of humidity and the moisture can cause a lot of damage to the silicone doll.

The damage is not visible to the naked eye. Keep the doll away from air vents. Unlike direct sunlight, the damage is extensive and continuous. If you live in a humid area, store the doll away in an air-tight container.

  1. Attic

Most people store their silicone baby dolls in the attic for a long time duration. When people buy a lot of reborn baby dolls, they tend to store them in the attic. This is because the attic provides a lot of space storage. But, it is not suitable for storing silicone baby dolls.

One of the reasons is that dust damages the outer layer of the doll. Also, the temperature inside the attic is not controlled and the air might be damp and moist. Therefore, the attic is a bad place to store your silicone baby doll.

If you are looking for a full body silicone baby doll, you should not look further than our website. You will get the best silicone baby dolls here for a fraction of the price in the market. Our full body silicone baby dolls are sturdy, resistant to ripping, and give a non-sticky and soft feeling, all while maintaining the texture and the flexibility of their high-quality silicone. If you are looking for the best silicone baby, our website will definitely provide you with the one you want.


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