Full Body Silicone Baby Boy


Full Body Silicone Baby Boy – For buying a silicone baby boy, you have come to the right place. Some of our most popular dolls are made fully out of a silicone body. We also use a combination of soft silicone vinyl for the head, legs and arms for the squishy feel. These dolls come in standard sizes so that you will not have any problem looking for clothing for them. These silicone baby boys do not look fake at all.

These baby dolls look like real babies. Also known as reborn babies, they have intricate detailing, just like a real baby. They are mostly bought by children, women and collectors. Women primarily buy them because they might have lost their child during the birth procedure or any other mishap.

Where to buy silicone baby boy dolls?

Most of these baby dolls can be found at online stores. You can also find these in fairs and conventions like Comic Cons. It is rare that you find physical dolls on the market as many people deem that the dolls are very scary to the public. The pricing of these dolls depends entirely on the quality of the doll and materials used to make it.

How to take care of a silicone baby boy dolls?

If you buy a silicone baby boy, you will need to take a really good care of it. These dolls are sensitive to extreme weather conditions and pressure. Even a small exposure to intense heat can cause the doll to lose its natural colors. If you feed food to the doll, make sure you do not spill it on the doll as it may lead to damage as well.

This website provides some of the best silicone baby boy dolls in the market today. The quality and the built of these dolls are known worldwide; the workers who create the dolls put their hearts and soul into the pieces they make.


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