Fake Baby Dolls


Fake Baby Dolls – We provide a fascinatingly large range of fake babies or silicone babies, which has proved to yield satisfactory results for customers all across the globe. There is a wide range of prices that customers can choose from according to their budget. The price fluctuates according to the kind of quality that is served, the material used, and the skill of the artist. From hundreds, the price can move to thousands, depending on the doll.

Well ‘fake babies’ is a sort of a judgment term that a lot of people have grown accustomed to. We know them rather with the term silicone babies or baby dolls, which are manufactured to look like a human baby, in all its aspects. These silicone babies can be bought from our website.

What are fake babies?

Although a new concept for many, silicone babies or fake babies have been in popular demand in European countries, and even in the UK and the US. The realistic detail is very important in these type of dolls wherein the craftsmen concentrate on making them as real as possible.

The trend was started in 1939 by creative doll makers but has spread out as a whole industry in the past decades. The entire procedure of making these babies requires a lot of effort and special care, where detailing and paint is added to the rudimentary structure of a vinyl mold.

There are different brands, which look after the needs of customers who want different and specially made silicone dolls, for example, dolls of a particular size, facial features, or color. Kits are also provided to customers who want to make their own baby doll.

These fake baby kits have basic body parts, like limbs, eyelashes, glue, etc., which are then assembled to make a full baby doll. Such dolls are known as reborn dolls, indicating towards a whole process that is almost like creating a baby.


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