Cheap Silicone Babies | Affordable Baby Dolls


Various Cheap Silicone baby dolls can be easily be found on our website at special fairs meant for the sale of such dolls. The price range differs, but their is always something for everbody.There are also kits that can be put together to make a complete baby doll, which are also offered on our website.

How do you store a Silicone baby Dolls?

Since these dolls are very different than the traditional ones, the maintenance and handling requirements are very high. If you cannot adhere to this level, the doll might easily lose its color and detail which makes it so real-looking. Make sure you do not keep or store the doll under extreme sunlight or cold. You also need to keep it clear of dust. So, if you plan to lock it away, make sure you wrap it up in an air-tight container first.


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