Big Baby Dolls


Big baby dolls can be bought from our website as we provide an attractive collection of silicone babies that have been favorable to customers. We also provide dolls priced differently so that they’re customer friendly. The higher the quality of the doll and the more time taken to prepare it, the higher will be its price.

While baby dolls are in trend today, we should be aware of what they are and their usage. Baby dolls, also known as silicone dolls are made from plastic, vinyl, or silicone mold, which is then sprayed with paint of different colors so that babies of different complexion can be obtained.

They are also called reborn baby dolls because of the way they look and the process they undergo to be turned into a complete baby doll. They look very similar to a human baby and come in various sizes, resembling babies of various age groups.

What are big baby dolls?

Silicone baby dolls are loved by customers because of their variety. Starting from an infant baby doll, one can find even big baby dolls or dolls that look like grown-up children/babies. We keep the realistic detailing in mind and can even provide dolls that look very much like a real child when given a sample photograph.

Customers who are more intrigued by the making process can even buy big baby doll kits that come with instructions on how to make a silicone doll. Such kits come with a doll in parts, which can be joined together to form the entire doll.

The creation process of a big baby doll from a mold is time-consuming and requires art, thereby resulting in beautifully crafted babies that look like your own. You can get a doll of your own choice online where you can find big baby dolls of whatever age group you may prefer.


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