Baby Dolls That Look Real


Baby Dolls That Look Real – Are you looking for a special gift to give to a child but, do not know what to give? Lifelike baby dolls are the perfect gift that no one would expect but, everyone would love. Give our website a go and scroll through the many options that you could choose from.

Lifelike baby dolls are the latest trend in the world of dolls. A lifelike baby doll is basically a doll that looks just a newborn baby does. They look just like a real baby would with the perfect hair, the loose limbs, and some of them even come with breathing. They are made of vinyl and silicone. Some seem like they are breathing as soon as you take them into your arms while others even pee and poop. It was started as a hobby in America that has turned into a big market globally.  

Purpose of lifelike baby dolls

Chances are that you might actually hold a lifelike baby and not know that they are not real. There have been incidences where the police broke into a car because they thought there was an infant dying in there but, it was just a lifelike doll.

Although some people do find it a little creepy that lifelike dolls do exist but, these dolls could be something more than a child’s toy. They have been proven to be very helpful for people who have Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia patients. People are confident that in time, they could be really helpful in treating grieving parents who lost a child or those who could not get pregnant.

“Cuddle Therapy” is what this kind of therapy is being referred to as. In some of the dolls, electronic devices are fitted so that it seems like they are breathing. Some of them have a pulse and even a heartbeat. The concept of lifelike dolls dates back to the 1990’s when it was more of a hobby in the United States of America. Over time, the idea of it became more and more mainstream and was spread to other countries. When you hold a doll, it can release a feel-good hormone.

Sometimes, people give a doll to their kids if they demand for siblings but the parents either don’t want any or can’t have them. The dolls help the kids to feel like they have a younger sibling.  There are also trade fairs held across the United States where the lifelike dolls are displayed.


A lot of the people who use lifelike babies have not made this aspect of their lives public as people are still skeptical of the idea and find it crazy. But, it really does help patients who have Dementia and Alzheimers. Some of them were observed to have started talking again to the babies when they had not talked in years. Patients with the above-mentioned disease find it hard to function, they lose purpose and often become quiet for long durations. Being around a baby has helped them to find something to do. It is almost like magic and does wonders.

For people who are not familiar with the idea or the benefit it can have on people, uneasiness and disgust are the go-to expressions. Harrods, which is a British Department Store has refused to stock them because they seem too real to be on shelves.

Another area where these lifelike dolls are used is in high schools where the students have to take care of the dolls by feeding them and being a full-time parent to them. This is a way to help the kids realize how hard parenting is and it hopes to discourage early pregnancy in school kids.


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