Asian Reborn Baby Dolls


Asian reborn dolls or Japanese baby dolls are a very specific category in the wide category of reborn or silicon dolls. They have Asian/Japanese features. These dolls are ideal for Asian or Japanese families or collectors who want a reborn baby doll with Japanese facial features.

With the fast growth of technology, we humans have tried to replicate everything, including ourselves. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Well, the process is not very difficult to understand. Silicon dolls have come to be looked at, as a sort of replacement of humans.

Although not exactly robots, silicone baby dolls look very human-like with their features. They have received much attention and following in Europe, the UK, and the US where customers have had satisfactory results after buying silicon baby dolls.

How are they made?

Doll makers who create such dolls require substantial skill and imagination, which yield fruitful results. The central motive is to make them look closest to real humans in flesh and blood. The basic mold is plastic, which is painted and crafted to form a doll, which looks exactly like a human baby.

Some kits that have all the parts of the dolls in them can also be purchased by customers who would like to have the pleasure of enjoying the entire process. Kits mostly consist of rudimentary parts, like the face, hair, and limbs, which can be gathered to make a complete baby doll. Such dolls are known as reborn dolls.  

An Asian reborn doll refers to a specific type of dolls with Asian traits. For anyone who would want to have an Asian baby doll can order for a custom-made doll with Asian features.

Where and why to buy them?

It is an easy task to find Japanese baby dolls online on multiple sites with choices in their price. The brands cater to the needs of various customers. Silicon babies have been known to provide a sense of solace, and supposedly have therapeutic effects.


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